December 16, 2009

It's kinda EXPLODED!

It started out as a simple crafting project for myself (thanks to Erin @ , then turned into lots of orders for different frames. Check out my crafty blogspot. Remember the blog is just starting, I should be adding things periodically. I have some super cute things Im working on! Stay tuned!
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Eva's 50th Surprise party!

For those of you that know me well. You know I love a good party..especially birthday parties. Everyone should have a celebration on the day they were born!!! Growing up I always had the best times at my birthday parties, I have so many great memories from them. Also as an adult I think a great party is needed for those milestones :)
Sooo, my mother in law's 50th bday is coming up, so we planned a surprise birthday party for her. Friends and family showed up and it was a big success! I think she was surprised!
Happy Birthday EVA!!! Hope it is your best year yet! Your a wonderful mother, MIL, and fabulous GIGI!

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Mr. Mom

YUMMY breakfast!! Messy hair and popsicle, strolling in the house..
Daddy picked her a flower for her hair
Playing in the truck...she loves this!
So tired! Messy hair and popsicle EVERYWHERE!
Chad took a day off last week to stay at home with Chloe and have a daddy/daughter day. They had such a fun day together, and she was exhausted when I got home. She loves her daddy so much!
Chad sent me pictures throughout the day. She stayed in her PJ's all day and her hair was never brushed! Oh yes and she has popsicle all over her!!! She looks a mess!!! Did I say anything? Absolutely not....
they were having way too much fun making memories!

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Swimming and Riding Horses

Chloe and I spent the day at the mall on Sunday. I needed some MAC makeup badly and no one around here sells it except for Frisco. Chloe loves that mall, so I knew it would be a long day. We started of with her daily leisurely swim in the bathtup and brushing the teefers. She will not let me turn the water off until it gets to the very top, then she hangs on to the edge and kicks as hard as she can. It results in a big mess, but usually gets my floors sparkling clean, and she has the time of her life :)
The first stop a the mall was getting my makeup, after that we went straight to the carousel and she rode four rounds. She was waving the entire time! SHe did not want to get off, so I told her they needed a break to go have water and a snack. Next we went by Santa so she could wave to him at a distane, I asked her what she didwhen she got to sit in Santa's lap and she said "Whaaaaaaaa" with a little smile! We headed to the playground and she wents nuts, she made several friends and I must say she has gotten tons better at sharing! We then made our way to Build-a-bear, she didnt want to go in , so instead we had an Elmo ballon made by the clown outside. Over to Sassykatz we went and she was pretty much a party crasher. She headed straight to the runway pushed the 10 year old girls back and started singign and dancing to Miley Cyrus' new song! It was so funny and the girls had a blast with her. Some ice cream song came on that had dance moves to it, it was so cute seeing the girls dance and sing to it. Chloe was posing and shaking her hips the entire song. I cant wait for Chloe to be able to have girly parties and sleepovers with her friends at the house. By this time she was exhausted so I stopped by and got her a cookie and we went home :) What a wonderful day spent with my sweet little Chlo-Bear!

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December 8, 2009

Here comes SANTA!!!

Wow! Chloe DID NOT like Santa this year! We went to The Village in Allen to play in the kids area and saw that Santa had no line, so I decided to have her picture taken. She wasnt even in a Christmas outfit, she was decked out in Tech gear since they were playing that night. As soon as we went in she clutched to me. I sat in his lap with her and she was fine, as soon as I got up for 2.2 seconds she was in tears! So needless to say we have a "priceless" pic of Santa this year! As soon as she got down she was just fine, she even waved bye to him :) Now when you show her the picture she says "Lap" then does a fake cry... she is so funny!!!! We ended the trip playing in the village then at Elizabeth's Cakes for a cupcake!

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Weekend Fun

Looking for "deeeeer"
For some reason Chloe has decided that she loves her baby swing!
She sat like this for about 45 minutes watching Ice Age Playing dress up Riding the big truck at chuck-e-cheese
We didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving day this year. I thought it would be nice to just have lunch as just the three of us. My aunt was having lunch on the Welborn side and My uncle was having it on The Gilbert side. It seems like we are always going and never really just take time for ourselves as a family. So we went to get some groceries, and was going to pick up some things to eat for lunch. Chad had the idea just to swing by Boston Market and pick something up so I agreed. Once we got in line, it just didn’t feel right so we stopped by my aunt’s house and ate a Thanksgiving meal. Good thing because it was really good! We left pretty quickly and watched the Tech game. Chloe fell asleep early that night ( a cold had her exhausted) and Chad and I watch Twilight…he was not impressed. He said he would still go and see New Moon with me though ! Chad left the next morning to go hunting again and Chloe and I had the weekend to ourselves since we both were feeling a little crummy! We had such a great time together! We went to Chuck-e-cheese and had several picnic’s in the living room floor,playeed dress up, looked for deer through the binoculars, visited santa!!!!! It’s crazy how much that girl learns on a daily basis!

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December 7, 2009

What have I gotten myself into???

I have been ask by a dear friend who I used to work with long ago if I would be a judge for the "America's True Beauties Pageant" Shana participated in pageants all her life and has fullfilled a dream of hers to own a pageant circuit that is traveling all over the nation. It will be in Dallas in March at the Renaissance hotel and I can't wait. I dont know what to expect, but I have been watching Toddlers & Tiara's on TLC to get a taste of pageant life. This is going to be CRAZY!!! Cant wait to see some ridiculous stage moms, spray tanned 3 year olds, and extensions!!! WOW!
And for any of you wondering if Im wanting to put Chloe in pageants....absolutley not, dont think she would like it too much. She is having way too much fun riding "hotrods" and picking her nose and saying "boooooger". Hmmm... maybe that could be a talent for the show :) Probably NOT!
Cant wait to blog about this event!

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Our little Turkey!!!

This Thanksgiving I will never forget!! We found out that my brother Bryan and sis-n-law Ashley will be having a little turkey in July!! Cant wait to hear all the details, her first appointment is December 17th. Please keep them in your prayers.. they need their house to sell to move closer and for everything to be a-okay with the baby and momma to be! Cant wait to see precious Bryley Mikel or Hunter David!!!!!

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Thanksgiving in OK!

We drove to Oklahoma to have Thanksgiving… lots of yummy food, salty tea :), and great weather! Chloe had a wonderful time playing outside and throwing things in the goldfish pond. Like always she played so hard, that as soon as we backed out of the drive way she was asleep!

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December 4, 2009

Im behind!!!

Sugar overload picture Cute little Nemo
Left to right: Mountain man (Brad) Charles Manson (Bryan) Hills that have Eyes (Chad)
Brad & Amanda (Eskimo Girl)
G.I Ashley
I have been super busy lately and realized I have not even put up Chloe's halloween pics! We had a great time this year and she loved going door to door getting candy. We were going to church to a fall festival but the Tech game ran over and we really were really running behind. We just decided to go to my brother's addition and ride around on his ranger and stop from house to house. They were having a costume party at his house so we stayed for a little while and passed out candy. Chloe loved it until she realized we were giving the candy away , then she went into panic mode, so we shut the garage door and called it a night!!!!

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