December 16, 2009

Mr. Mom

YUMMY breakfast!! Messy hair and popsicle, strolling in the house..
Daddy picked her a flower for her hair
Playing in the truck...she loves this!
So tired! Messy hair and popsicle EVERYWHERE!
Chad took a day off last week to stay at home with Chloe and have a daddy/daughter day. They had such a fun day together, and she was exhausted when I got home. She loves her daddy so much!
Chad sent me pictures throughout the day. She stayed in her PJ's all day and her hair was never brushed! Oh yes and she has popsicle all over her!!! She looks a mess!!! Did I say anything? Absolutely not....
they were having way too much fun making memories!

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E. Williamson said...

How fun!!!! What a sweet thing for a Daddy and Daughter to do.