October 20, 2009

Kite Flying!

Not a good quality picture :) She thought it was too COOL!

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October 19, 2009

Fave Foto Frenzy

Lining all her friends up the stairs (I really need to paint, that white is horrible) helping with laundry
wearing her fire boots from uncle brad
my little punkin
rocking both my babies

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Picnic Fun!!!

Good times at the family picnic. Chad recieved the Dump Truck award for the office. Basically means that he had lots of worked dumped on him with lots of headaches to overcome and he went above and beyond and managed to get through the hard summer work without too many problems. Great job Chad, I think you deserved it!

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My Little Mermaid

Now this girl LOVES water. She loves for me to fill the bathtub completely up so she is able to float. Here she is kicking like crazy and hanging on to the edge.

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It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!

I cant wait to get the house lit up with the big old school lights!
Our Texas Tech tree ! Chloe's little tree :)
My favorite buy of the weekend! Can't wait to set out for Santa ;)
I cant wait either! I have two trees up and two more left..and yes I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put those up. I bought several more things this weekend for Christmas!! WOOHOO!! I will leave you with a snipit of my Christmas deco that Im biting at the bit to put out!!! One more thing..I bought a OLD mini pie safe at Trade Days this weekend. I have already sanded it, painted it, and just finished distressing it..hopefully I can find the knobs I want for it tomorrow, cant wait to put up a pic of it!

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October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bradley!

My cousin Chaz and brothers Bryan & Brad Chad, Cousin Cole, Brad Brad, Me, Bryan being Goofballs Brad riding his Razor in the woods Brad racing...his favorite thing to do!
Happy 29th Birthday Bradley! Thank you so much for not only being such a great brother but also a best friend to me and also Chad. Chloe loves you to pieces and you have made such an impact on her little life already, seeing you with her is evident of how great of a daddy you will be one day. I love your randomness and goofiness! Your pranks are out of control, your riverdancing is unbelievable, you are by far the BEST George W Bush impersonator, and I will never believe another story you ever tell me..you definetly need to be on meds for fibbing!!! Your # 1 prank to this day is you disguising your voice and telling mom you had been kidnapped and to bring $10,000 to the Allen Walmart. OMG that was terrible. Poor mom running with a bag full of money, and you not able to get in contact with her, and Pepaw having to find mom to tell her it was you pulling the prank. I thought for sure you were going to be in trouble…but our sweet momma just hugged and kissed all over you as if you were really missing! Geez you always got out of trouble!!! As Bryan and I always say... you are the favorite kid...even though mom and dad correct us and just say "it just took us three tries to finally get the kid we wanted!!"hehe! You make a room smile when you are in it, your heart is as big as Texas, and everyone always wants to be around you! Im proud to say I'm your sister. I hope it’s the best birthday ever and I’m pretty sure this is the year Nascar is gonna be calling you!! Love you TONS!

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Nemo's & Dorothy's

My cousin gave us a fish aquarium because they needed to make more room in their house. We finally got it up and going and Chloe thinks it is the coolest thing ever! However I think Chad likes it better than her. I’m usually still asleep when he leaves for work, so when he comes in to kiss me by, he always tells me he has fed the fish, and when he gets home he asks me if I have fed the fish. I never feed them because I think he seriously enjoys it, so I let him do it. This morning he came and woke me up to let me know one of our new fish had died. I just said okay. He sat there for a minute, I think he wanted me to say more… but I was tired. This past weekend we went and spruced the tank up and got some colorful structures to go in it, and it looks much better…nothing like spending 150.00 on aquarium stuff! Chad was like a kid in a candy store picking out new fish. Last night was also the first time I watched Finding Nemo, it actually made me feel guilty about having our fish trapped in an aquarium. As of now we have about 20 and they are all named Nemo or Dorothy (from Elmo’s Pet Shop). Hopefully we will not have any more fish fatalities in the week. I will keep you all posted!!!

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October 9, 2009

Wendy's Bach Party

Wendy and her cake that was YUMMY! Eiffel Tower money tree, for her shopping spree in Italy!
What gives it away I decorated...hmmm ZEBRA & PINK...YAY!!!
awe my bestie :)
aww my Besties!!!!!!
So my bff Wendy got married today in the rain and leaves for her three week trip touring all over Europe!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! We had her bachlorette party last weekend and had a fun time catching up with all the girls! I left my house when I got Chloe to sleep and my mom watched her until I got home that night, so she didnt even know I slipped away! We had dinner at Lochrann's, headed over to Down Under, and they ended the night at Loft 610.

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Visiting the Rat..

This was a fun trip to Chuckee Cheese with my brothers and sis n laws. We went several months ago, but I can’t remember blogging about it, and Amanda just sent me the pics.

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October 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

It' s been 3 years!!!!
He left to go hunting on our anniversary but how could I say no?? He deserves a vacation, he works so hard during the week, and rarely takes a weekend off. He needed to get away and get his mind clear and off of work.
I love you Chad, your so lucky Im your wife! LOL!

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