July 18, 2010

Chloe & Chad

My girl is brave.very brave. She is afraid of nothing, seriously. When we swim she likes to show us how she doggie paddles and she sinks, we bring her up while she is choking on what she swallowed, as soon as she gets her breath back, she does it again. Its a cycle and it scares.me.to.death ! Chad and I taught swim lessons for years, so we have been working with her this summer. She is much stronger and is much better than the beginning of summer. This fall/winter we will be enrolling her with a private instructor for her to improve even more. I just think she will listen better with someone else showing her besides us. Plus i want to be the annoying parent that takes 1000 pictures that used to drive me nuts back in the day, my how things have changed ;)
She also loves to talk about monsters, and hide in the pitch dark. She let me know that monsters were in the fireplace today and she was going ot go fight them! Chloe also wears "monster gloves" that are "super powered" and wards off monsters (they are her zebra leggings that she now wears on her arms). Im pretty sure all this talk comes from Monster Inc. and the episode of Caillou with Monsters. Thankfully she is not afraid of them and only chases after them with her arm leggings :)

Here's a few pictures of her swimming, running from monsters, and her fashion show :) Oh yeah and the last picture of her and Chad dancing to Michael Jackson... I sure hope Chloe gets Chad's rhythm.... he is such a good dancer. It's not very often you can find a white boy that can dance, but I sure snagged one up!!! lol!


July 13, 2010

Bryley!!! Get.Here.Now

Bryleys' nursery is finally finished!!! We custom ordered her bedding from etsy.com and the lady kept postponing the delivery time, but yesterday it arrived! I just love girlie nurseries!!!We immediatley went to Ashley's and put it all together. It.is.adorable!!! I cant wait to see Miss Bryley with her coal black hair laying in that bed. She is going to be precious! On her last sonogram the doctor said her hair was just floating in the fluid, and that their was TONS...i believe it, her momma's got TONS of hair!!! Any day now...im just waiting by the phone for the call. I.AM.SO.IMPATIENT!!! eeeeek!
The bag for the hospital :)
Bryan practicing diaper changes :)
Just for fun...Chloe's nursery :) I keep one Christmas tree up year round :) Right now it's in Chloe's room, not the same one, a hot pink one :)

Chloe's toddler room :) She had a daybed, but I found the below bed at the flea market for 20.00, couldnt pass it up, so I refurnished it black....I love it! I have also snagged a french provencial dresser and night stand to revamp from craigslist, but im still trying to decide exactly how i want to complete them. Im just ready to completely take the wicker out... That was a fun room to paint and decorate :) Wanna know how many times she has slept in her fabulous room???? Zero :) That's right! My baby is a good cuddler!!!