December 4, 2009

Im behind!!!

Sugar overload picture Cute little Nemo
Left to right: Mountain man (Brad) Charles Manson (Bryan) Hills that have Eyes (Chad)
Brad & Amanda (Eskimo Girl)
G.I Ashley
I have been super busy lately and realized I have not even put up Chloe's halloween pics! We had a great time this year and she loved going door to door getting candy. We were going to church to a fall festival but the Tech game ran over and we really were really running behind. We just decided to go to my brother's addition and ride around on his ranger and stop from house to house. They were having a costume party at his house so we stayed for a little while and passed out candy. Chloe loved it until she realized we were giving the candy away , then she went into panic mode, so we shut the garage door and called it a night!!!!

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