December 16, 2009

Swimming and Riding Horses

Chloe and I spent the day at the mall on Sunday. I needed some MAC makeup badly and no one around here sells it except for Frisco. Chloe loves that mall, so I knew it would be a long day. We started of with her daily leisurely swim in the bathtup and brushing the teefers. She will not let me turn the water off until it gets to the very top, then she hangs on to the edge and kicks as hard as she can. It results in a big mess, but usually gets my floors sparkling clean, and she has the time of her life :)
The first stop a the mall was getting my makeup, after that we went straight to the carousel and she rode four rounds. She was waving the entire time! SHe did not want to get off, so I told her they needed a break to go have water and a snack. Next we went by Santa so she could wave to him at a distane, I asked her what she didwhen she got to sit in Santa's lap and she said "Whaaaaaaaa" with a little smile! We headed to the playground and she wents nuts, she made several friends and I must say she has gotten tons better at sharing! We then made our way to Build-a-bear, she didnt want to go in , so instead we had an Elmo ballon made by the clown outside. Over to Sassykatz we went and she was pretty much a party crasher. She headed straight to the runway pushed the 10 year old girls back and started singign and dancing to Miley Cyrus' new song! It was so funny and the girls had a blast with her. Some ice cream song came on that had dance moves to it, it was so cute seeing the girls dance and sing to it. Chloe was posing and shaking her hips the entire song. I cant wait for Chloe to be able to have girly parties and sleepovers with her friends at the house. By this time she was exhausted so I stopped by and got her a cookie and we went home :) What a wonderful day spent with my sweet little Chlo-Bear!

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