February 19, 2013

28 weeks, and other random things.

So today I am 28 weeks 1 day. This really has been flying by. Little setback this weekend and had to go to the ER. I was dehydrated. Which resulted in one of these....
Which then resulted in this......
yes that's right , passing out. What is my deal with needles? I need some anxiety meds. Felt much better after several bags of fluids and zofran :)

Today I had the glucose test and the dr said everything looked great! Nine pound weight gain so far....I will take that!

As far as the house progress, septic tanks were put in yesterday and the house looks move in ready except for faucets, touch up paint, and polishing the stained concrete. CANT WAIT!

Hopefully we will start moving some things this weekend.

My babies on their Valentines date. God sure blessed us with two girls. I cant imagine Chad being anything other than a girl dad, my girls are so lucky! And yes, he did give Chloe the rose bachelor style. Chloe, will you accept this rose? Goofball.


February 1, 2013

Big things happening!

Chad and I decided to put our house back on the market and give it another try at selling. We had tried about 2 years prior but nothing was happening. Well except for an offer that we got, moved completely out, then it fell through again. After that i was done. Once the interest rates dropped we decided to go back at it. We went probably two months with no hits...it was so annoying.

 Chad and I were eating lunch one day, and I noticed these 4 sweet little old ladies. I told Chad "let's buy their lunch, maybe the Lord will bless us with our house selling since we are blessing others" So Chad bought their lunch and we were on our merry way.

Two hours later at about 2:30, I received an automated notification that our house was showing at 3:30. then at 5:30 I received a call that from our realtor that the clients offered a full contract price and wanted us out in week. It couldn't have worked out anymore perfect :)

So goodbye old home...you have been good to us!
                                                       (our last meal in the house)

We moved in with my parents June 1st and finally broke ground on our house October 26th. It took a while because we really didn't know what we wanted.

But we decided on this cute plan! I love it and think it fit our land perfectly! Here's the cool part....my younger brother Brad and Amanda live to the left of us, and Bryan and Ashley live behind us. I feel so fortunate to be able to split this land with them. Best of all my parents will be building as soon as we are all out there! I love our family compound! We always spend our time together anyway, now we are walking distance.Here is the home we are building...we are two weeks out from move in date :)

We also found out in August that we are now expecting another girl :) Blakely Maddysen, her due date is May 13th. To say Chloe is excited, is an understatement!

Here are some pictures of the construction....

Why will my pictures not turn right??

Oh and another bit of exciting news....... Chad started a new job at a new company. Its crazy to see him on the weekends and home before me during the week!!! Life has definitely changed for the better on that note! Believe me, my countdown has begun before I start staying home with my babies, I cant get my replacement trained fast enough! Not sure how this whole SAHM thing is going to go, but i will keep myself busy I'm sure!

Finally got my nasty roots redone last night and Chloe and Chad came and had dinner and shopped while waiting on me......

                                               Chad styling Chlo's hair for her :)

Chad and some of his Juijitsu that has been going on.....love his passion and drive he has for this!

and I think I'm done for the most random post ever!