December 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

Looking for "deeeeer"
For some reason Chloe has decided that she loves her baby swing!
She sat like this for about 45 minutes watching Ice Age Playing dress up Riding the big truck at chuck-e-cheese
We didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving day this year. I thought it would be nice to just have lunch as just the three of us. My aunt was having lunch on the Welborn side and My uncle was having it on The Gilbert side. It seems like we are always going and never really just take time for ourselves as a family. So we went to get some groceries, and was going to pick up some things to eat for lunch. Chad had the idea just to swing by Boston Market and pick something up so I agreed. Once we got in line, it just didn’t feel right so we stopped by my aunt’s house and ate a Thanksgiving meal. Good thing because it was really good! We left pretty quickly and watched the Tech game. Chloe fell asleep early that night ( a cold had her exhausted) and Chad and I watch Twilight…he was not impressed. He said he would still go and see New Moon with me though ! Chad left the next morning to go hunting again and Chloe and I had the weekend to ourselves since we both were feeling a little crummy! We had such a great time together! We went to Chuck-e-cheese and had several picnic’s in the living room floor,playeed dress up, looked for deer through the binoculars, visited santa!!!!! It’s crazy how much that girl learns on a daily basis!

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