February 25, 2010

The Montgomery's

I wanted to show some sweet pictures of my youngest cousin Ben and his beautiful new bride Jen……

The Engagement ....

Engagement Party....

Engagement Picture....

Bridal ....


Happily Ever After.....


February 23, 2010


I still can’t believe all the snow we got last week! CRAZY! We didn’t get out in it for too long, Chloe wasn’t excited about really. She didn’t like the cold. I had to get pictures of her in it though so we took a couple then went back in to the fire and watch all the kids have fun from the door. Chloe named her snowman "Girl".


February 22, 2010

Hide and Go Seek

When the door bell rings...this is where you'll find us. This is her new favorite spot! Pretty good one, huh?


February 15, 2010

It's Potty Time

That's right, potty training time around our house:) Brought on by Chloe and not me. She really loves to go to the potty, and i would say she is about 95% trained :) She loves putting stickers on her chart everytime she goes :)  Don't tell her where the stickers are...she thinks they come from the tee-tee fairy's that watch over her to help remind her to go! This has worked really well for me!



For Valentines and for our birthday coming up, Chad and I went out and purchased us a really nice camera that has been needed for a long time! We stayed home from church because Chloe is getting a runny nose. I didn't want to get her out in the wind, so we just went to the farm for a little bit and Bryan and Ashley came home with us and we watched Open Water 2 along with my parents. Chloe got lots of her favorite candy from her cousin Kyler, and her Gigi, Papa, Mimi, Pa, Memaw, Pa, Kim, Donna, Granny, Papa, uncle Bryan, aunt Ashley and her mommy and daddy showered her with PLENTY of Valentine goodies!

Ashley reading Chloe her card

Goodies from us

Chloe with her hair soaking wet and right out of the shower, dont worry it's a 1000 degrees in our house

Daddy and his Valentine :)

Our weekend Fun!

My cousin Bill, showing Chloe some dance moves.

Joey and Brad on the screened in porch getting warm by the fireplace Joey built

An intense match between Bryan and my cousin Chaz

Chad reading up on a Fitness magazine

Chloe busting out the worm


Lovebirds again. weirdos.

Chloe trying to leave with the paddles

This is the prize everyone wants to have and hold until the next weekend match....the ping pong championship necklace. That's right, made out of authentic speaker wire and electical tape, and the winning ping pong ball. Brad has been the keeper of it every weekend. He is very proud of it. (This was the next morning when he came to my house, he slept in it, and had it on all day..even when we went to eat.)

This is where we hang out if we go anywhere…The Cassady’s barn (it's there garage, that has been turned int o a little living quarters). Joey was our neighbor growing up in P-Town and we will soon be neighbors again. His house is right down the road from our land. Brad, Bryan and Joey have been best friends since they could walk and now Chad is part of their little friend circle. They do everything together from wakeboarding, hunting, and just hanging out. Joey is such a handyman and is always improving/fixing/or buying some new toy that everyone has fun with…. His latest purchase was a ping pong table. Chloe and I usually stay for awhile and then we get out, because we know it’s going to get loud and something crazy is going to go on. Always a GOOD TIME at The Cassady barn!


CJ turns 4!~

Chloe and her BFF :)

Jackson and the dogs

Darth Vader!

Bounce house FUN!

Birthday Boy CJ!
And below:

Saturday we went to The Miller’s for CJ’s 4th birthday party. It was a Star Wars themed party and the decorations were so cute!!! Missy’s mother makes their cakes and they are always sooo YUMMY!!! There was a bounce house and also a piƱata! CJ cracked me up when he was opening gifts, he thought every gift was the coolest thing ever! Chloe and Marky had a great time chatting and Peyton has to be the smiliest baby I have ever been around. I would bounce a balloon on his head and he would crack up, Im pretty sure he did this for about 15 minutes straight. Also Missy’s triplet nieces were there and they were adorable!!!! Three boys under the age of four....let me tell you, Missy has got it together, she is a super-mommy! Chloe had so much fun at his party, she was asleep 3 minutes after we left!  !

February 11, 2010

RIP Ryan Clay

lft to rght: Ryan Clay, Christy Clay, & Colton Clay
The world lost a beautiful soul a year ago today and my best friend lost her brother....
Ryan, you are missed by everyone. The world is not the same without your big smile and laughter. You had a charisma about you that warmed everyone's heart. I know you are standing with the Lord today helping drop this snow, to keep the smiles on the faces that knew you, as everyone still mourns your loss. You are missed terribly.


February 10, 2010

Aubrey turns 2!

Saturday night Ashley, Chloe, and myself went to Aubrey's birthday party in Wylie. She had a "be mine" themed party and it was soooo cute!!! She was a little hoot opening up all her presents! Chloe had a great time in Aubrey's room playing with all her toys, I could not get her out of there! Stacy (Aubrey and Alyssa's mom, who is also my cousin ) have announced that they will be adopting from Ethiopia, please keep them in your prayers as they go through this exciting time in their life.  Happy Birthday Aubrey!