February 11, 2011

New Years Eve!

New Year's eve, we didnt have big plans,, just thought we would go to dinner with my brother and their wifey's then head back to my parents (since they were keeping the kids) while we ate.

We decided to go eat at Nate's and have a couple drinks. Since it was a notorious night for police, even thoug we werent drinking many we knew we needed a designated driver. Brad had to work at the firestation the next morning so he volunteered. We were at Nate's for about 20 minutes and my dad calls to let us know that Bryley (my niece) had been screaming every since they left. We knew it had to be bad, anyone that knows my mom, knows she is like the baby whisperer....she just knows what to do no matter what. Well she said to get home quickly. Not only was Bryley crying but so was Chloe... she said she was sad because Bryley was crying so she wanted to also.

Brad drove Bryan back to my parents to check on her. As soon as Bryan walked in she immediately stopped crying and was laughing (Chloe was asleep). He wanted to wait until Bryley fell asleep to come back so Brad came back to Nate's and ate his cold food. About 30 minutes later we called Bryan and my dad was driving him back to Nate's but said they were turning around because Bryley woke up and was crying hysterically again! So we all just decided to call it a early night and go spend the night with my parents! I would like to say that Bryley has now outgrown that stage and Bryan and Ashley can now do things without being called back home :)

 me, Amanda, Ashley
 Ashley hugging Bryan who never came back....we boxed up his cold food :(

Side Note~ Nate's in Fairview was the worst food i have ever had! YUCK!


February 10, 2011

Decorating Cookies

Okay i know this post should be before the last post..... 

Aunt Amanda wanted to decorate cookies with Chloe :) So Buzz Lightyear and I headed over there for some fun!

Chloe made such a mess, but had tons of fun!! 
She insisted that the Gingerbread man head be not attached :(


February 9, 2011

here comes Santa!!

I know! i have slacked off again!!! Here's some pictures of our wonderful Christmas!!!!