December 7, 2009

What have I gotten myself into???

I have been ask by a dear friend who I used to work with long ago if I would be a judge for the "America's True Beauties Pageant" Shana participated in pageants all her life and has fullfilled a dream of hers to own a pageant circuit that is traveling all over the nation. It will be in Dallas in March at the Renaissance hotel and I can't wait. I dont know what to expect, but I have been watching Toddlers & Tiara's on TLC to get a taste of pageant life. This is going to be CRAZY!!! Cant wait to see some ridiculous stage moms, spray tanned 3 year olds, and extensions!!! WOW!
And for any of you wondering if Im wanting to put Chloe in pageants....absolutley not, dont think she would like it too much. She is having way too much fun riding "hotrods" and picking her nose and saying "boooooger". Hmmm... maybe that could be a talent for the show :) Probably NOT!
Cant wait to blog about this event!

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Paige said...

I would love that! How fun! I can't wait to hear stories!

Jennifer said...

By the way, the emcee on the banner is Mr. Tim Whitmer and the little girl is Taralyn Eschberger. Hope you have a great time. A little advice, get out of there before crowning or you will be mobbed afterward. Pageant moms are brutal after a pageant.

Hollie said...

Seriously??? YIKES!!!!!

You have experience in pageants? This is my first, not sure what to expect, I'm hoping its not like Toddlers & Tiaras....some parts of that breaks my heart!!! Im looking forward to seeing the glammed out girls though, just not the crazy momma's!!!