May 25, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!!

I know I know its been forever since a post... hopefully I will have them all up this week sometime. Chad has been super busy at work lately (only to get worse in the summer) so between working, cleaning, cooking, and playing with Chloe...Im exhauseted and usually just lay in the bed with her when she goes to sleep, maybe this week I will bring the laptop up and catch up on all our adventures!! Stay Tuned!!!

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May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

My 2nd Mother's Day was WONDERFUL. We went to church (at my memaw's church) and surprised her. I really never get to hear the messages anymore during church since Chloe is so restless, there is no way she will sit still during service and she will not stay in the nursery either. Basically i have to sit in the lobby and listen over the intercom systems. My memaw was actually singing a solo song and she did so good, Chloe was yelling through the entire song, Im pretty sure she was cheering her on ;) Chad and Chloe got me a cross necklace made of aquamarine stone which is Chloe's birthstone, and I absolutley love it! What a special day for all mothers in the world. Chloe you make my life complete, and there are no words to tell you how much I love you. I thank God everyday for your smile, laughter, and yes even your tantrums :)

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Jackson Pogue's Beach Party

Ben, Jeni ,and Birthday Boy Jackson Jackson adjusting the mirrors to take Chloe for a spin.. (sidenote: no that is not J's pink jeep)
Big Smiles crawling through the tunnel!!
Jeni & Jackson
Jason & Reed racing Chad & Chloe
What a FUN FUN day, Jackson turned one a had such a great party! Jeni did an AWESOME job decorating and the food was YUMMY!!! Happy Birthday sweet Baby J!!!!

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May 6, 2009

Chad's fave dinner

I made Chad his favorite dinner for him.... the Chicken-Rancho-Pico-Cheeso-Avacado-Sandwich.

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Year Old Shots

Chloe had her shots today, she did way better than I thought she would. I was a little aggrevated in the waiting room at a lady that was in there. Chloe was in a wonderful mood smiling and giggling and a lady and her daughter walked in, she immediately started waving at them, the little girl kinda smiled and the mom just sat down. Chloe got out of my lap and walked up to the lady (the waiting room is small so she was only about four steps away from me) and started swinging her arms back and forth giggling and waving at the lady once again. The lady gave her a stare down that no one should ever give a immediatly my blood was boiling and I talked to Chloe in a nice voice and said "YUCKY LADY,MEAN LADY". I was actually proud of myself for only saying that. FYI.. I have also prayed for that lady, i should never judge anyone because I dont know what her life is like, or what she faces every day for her to have to be in a terrible mood, hopefully she was just having an off day. I know I was wrong. I couldn't help it at the time though. I was telling Chad what happened and he started laughing, he says he can see my momma in me everyday (if any of you know my momma, that is a HUGE compliment). Bryan, Brad , and myself could go to her for any reason and she would be our biggest supporter. Chad was sitting in the living room tonight while I was playing with Chloe and he just looked at me with the sweetest face and said "you are such a wonderful mom". Made my night :) Anyways back to Chloe's shots, for being such a tuff baby we went to Toys R Us and she picked out a Water & Sand table, Pink Car that zooms off when you shake it, Elmo DVD, new swimsuit (for Jackson bday) and some flip flops (that are too small).

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I think she likes them now. Finally. She ate most of the strawberry I gave her...the funny thing is that she has never messed with the wine cooler EVER until today, and it was while she was munching on her strawberry.....maybe she was wanting a glass of wine and fruit...LOL!

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May 4, 2009


Chloe and I decided to go play at Jumpin Land today and figured it wouldnt be too busy. We were the only ones in there, it was great and Chloe had a blast. I thought it was much better than Wiggly Play Center.

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Yard of the Month???

So my very silly brother (who lives by himself) made up a huge make believe story that he got yard of the month in his neighborhood! We all believed him and were very excited because we knew he had been working hard in his yard on his days off from the fire station. So these are the pics I took from his yard......
His girlfriend Amanda decided to make him a sign that read "Yard of The Month" since he really didn't get it....
Maybe next month Bradley!!!

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YUMMY easter eggs.

Chloe loves her first taste of chocolate and caramel....she would start dancing in place waiting for me to open the next one. Of course Chad was watching and cringing!!!!

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