December 8, 2009

Here comes SANTA!!!

Wow! Chloe DID NOT like Santa this year! We went to The Village in Allen to play in the kids area and saw that Santa had no line, so I decided to have her picture taken. She wasnt even in a Christmas outfit, she was decked out in Tech gear since they were playing that night. As soon as we went in she clutched to me. I sat in his lap with her and she was fine, as soon as I got up for 2.2 seconds she was in tears! So needless to say we have a "priceless" pic of Santa this year! As soon as she got down she was just fine, she even waved bye to him :) Now when you show her the picture she says "Lap" then does a fake cry... she is so funny!!!! We ended the trip playing in the village then at Elizabeth's Cakes for a cupcake!

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Jen said...

She looks like my kids whenever I would try the Santa pic. Nothing like making memories!

Cindi said...

I have a crying Santa pic of each of my kids! Well, not Bowen yet but it's sure to happen, lol.
I've got to try Elizabeth's!

Missy Miller said...

I do love that pic...she looks mortified and I don't blame her...some of those Santa just look so creepy and they smell bad too!