June 27, 2010

life on the farm


June 9, 2010

Oklahoma Continued

I know I posted pictures on the cabin, but I did not show all the fun we had! I relaxed all weekend and spent all my time with Chloe. We swam, explored, rode trains, paddle boats, and the razor. All us girls and my dad relaxed at least. Now the boys on the other hand went white water rafting and drank beer most the time. That does not sound fun to me....anymore, especially with a two year old that wakes up at the crack of dawn! We grilled out every single meal and had tons of fun just all being our goofy selves. Only one night did I have to yell "Shut the heck up your being to loud" ....I tend to get a little cranky if my sleeping is disturbed , but who really practices juijitsu on the second floor at 2 am??

Chloe giving Joey her sweet smile
Having some lunch, yes on the ground
Cooking smores and hot dogs with Mimi..
Yummy Smores!
Card tricks! Bryan is amazing at this stuff!
Ashley and Sondra (Joeys wife, friends of the family forever, Joey was our neighbor growing up)
Setting up for another trick
Are you sure you want that card?
This picture is funny I dont think i have ever seen my dad hold a beer, but he did for this card trick!
See the racoon?
Ashley blowing Bubbles!

Train ride around Beavers Bend park
Thinking the train is a roller coaster

Paddle Boats!

The boys and Chloe

Ashley and Chloe!

Brad showing Chloe tricks! I cant even tell you how much her uncles love her, they have such an amazing bond!
Brad cracking up at Chloe's pirate face!
Bryan thinking its funny too! (Look at the picture above & below, Brad and Bryan look identical) I love those two boys sooo much!
 I seriously would recommend this area to anyone, its absolutely beautiful. I know lots of pictures, huh?


June 4, 2010

Want to change a child's life forever?

As you all know my cousin Stacy is in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. Their application has passed and they are at the next phase. This requires another chunk of money to be due, so another raffle is taking place. If you would like to enter in this raffle you can click on the cross to the right  "grow hope", or follow here. You will be entered to win not ONE but TWO prizes made by me :)