August 27, 2010

New Best Friends..

Okay, if you do not like spiders, i will go ahead and tell you to not read this may fReAk OuT. Chloe LOVES spiders, and in our backyard we have had three move in and Chloe loves to go talk to them.
 THEY.ARE.HUGE!!! They are only garden spiders, so they are actually the good ones that eat mosquitos so i decided it was okay to just keep them .... especially since Chloe was now on a name-based relationship. So I thought I would introduce them to you....
Chloe telling Jason about her day.....
I know! Crazy huh? The names Jeff and Jason came from the twin boys from Caillou. Angie is from Shark Tales. My best friend Christy came over last weekend, and Chloe wanted to show her friends off. Well Christy had a full out panic attack and said she would not ever come over again unless they were gone. I cant do without Christy so we had to remove them :( RIP Jeff, Jason, and Angie, you will all be missed.


We went to celebrate a birthday at Chuck-e-cheese a had a fabulous time! I havent seen my friend Cricket in soooo long and i have missed her sooooo much! Cant wait to catch up with her again real soon! Im counting down the days!


August 17, 2010


Bryley Mikel spent the night with her Aunt Lee Lee Saturday night, what fun we had! Chloe was a tad bit jealous so I only got to hold her after she went to bed. Here's her first little modeling session, I have 1000's more to go through, but here's a sneek peak...

stay tuned more to come of this little sweetie :)


August 10, 2010


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Here's a little peek of what you could win:


August 8, 2010

My precious niece is here.

Bryley made her debut at 8:13 pm on July 30th, weighing in at 7lbs 12 ounces :) It was a very long day. Chad took off and was going to stay with Chloe,but he wanted to be part of the day so he tagged along. We brought Chloe because of Chad's crazy working schedule any moment he has off he wants to be with her. They miss each other so much. The hospital has a huge playland so Chloe was occupied there. Chad and I also took her to the mall to ride the carousel, play at the playground there, and to get her a pillow pet. She was exhausted and actually took a two hour nap. Which are very rare these days.
Back to Bryley.. Ashley went in at 5:30, they started pitocin at 9:00, and she progressed throughout the day. At around 7 she began pushing. We waited and waited and waited, and finally got a picture text from Bryan with the baby. At 9:00 we finally got to go back to see her. Ashley's epidural ran out 30 minutes before she delivered so the last bit of it was very rough for her and they knocked Ashley out with medicine as soon as Bryley was born.
Bryley is gorgeous, she looks just like Bryan, and has dark skin like Ashley. She is a calm baby and never fusses unless she is hungry. Because of the whole virus thing that happened at my house, my mom didnt stay with them. Let me tell you, they are rockstar parents. they have had no help and have done such a great job. They are so in love with their baby girl. Bryan was so emotional at the hospital, I love seeing him as a dad, it is amazing and makes my heart melt seeing it. Im looking forward to the girls being cousins and able to grow up together.


August 7, 2010


What a crazy week! I suspected last Sunday that Chloe either ate something bad or was getting virus because her tummy just wasnt right. She was still very playful and acted like nothing was wrong with her. She drank a glass of milk (not sure why I gave her that) and went to bed. At about 2 am I heard some gurgling and she had thrown up all over the bed, and is choking on more. SCARED.ME.TO.DEATH.  I quickly raised her up and swooped her mouth, and the projectile began. I seriously have no idea how a toddler can throw up so much. It is insane. It was all over, me, her and the thousands of towels Chad was bringing in. This whole process wasnt even phasing Chloe, she would puke and just stare at the TV. Thank goodness it didnt last too long, soon she was asking for her pat (pacifier) and was snoozing. As we did about three loads of laundry...pillows, sheets, towels, mattress pads. YUK! Then rolls around Monday night, I make a mad dash to the bathroom and Im puking, Chad comes in to assist, because he knows after 11 years together, this is the worst thing that can happen to me. I can honestly say I HATE to throw up, I will fight it for hours, and ball and squal though every heave. This came on so fast that i didnt have time to "prepare" my normal puking regimen. I like to be in the bathtub, a glass of water with ice, and a trash bag. I feel like the water on blocks the sound of it and i feel like Im staying clean at the same time. I know....go ahead and call me weird. So here I am standing at the toilet, I can not for the life of me put my head to the toilet, never have been, never will be. It makes it even worse because all I can think about is what normally goes in there. So chad is trying to put my head in, Im jerking in out and pretty much walls and floors are being painted. I would much rather clean it up afterwards than have to look into a toilet bowl. Tuesday morning comes, and I hear Chad in the bathroom...puking. He is more of a sport though. So I call my mom to come get Chloe, and Chad and I lay in bed with chills and fever most of the day. We think everything is all over with and my mom calls me Wednesday and says she is puking. Finbally we are all in the clear by Thursday morning. that evening Im playing with Chloe and notice her having chills, and feeling very clammy. I get my thermometer and her temp is at 102. gave her ice chips and motrin and went to bed and continued to check her all night. It shot back up Thursday morning around five, then she acted normal most of the day. I thought it may been something left from the virus. I noticed her eyes looked weak so I decided to take her on in to Acute Kids. Hec checked her all out and didnt see anything wrong but a tiny hint of a red throat, so he decided to do a strep test and surprisingly it came back positive. He also said her tubes had fell out and he actually dug one of them out.  The other should fall out since it wasnt stuck. It was about time, she has had those things in since she was nine months old :(  Im praying and hoping that her ears are healed from any future infections. I stared her on a liquid vitamin and probiotic last december and this is the first time she has been sick since then. So here we are now, Im pretty sure we are on the upside of things now!!! Im am so very thankful that I have a healthy baby girl. things could always be worse.