June 26, 2009

Jeshush (Jesus)

Ask my little Chlo-bear where Jesus is, and she points to her heart. She says it really funny too, Je-shush. She has also started saying amen, Ahhh-man..she will nod her head really big when she does it, not sure why, but I think its pretty cute.

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Little Mommy

Chloe has a new love.....baby dolls. She loves to rock, feed, and change their diapers. We have about 6 babies now and she likes to take care of them all at once. Stacy my cousin got her first one for her, and she never lets it go. She does such funny things now and is such a little hoot. Her personality shows more and more everyday, and she goes absolutely crazy if she hears anything by Lady Gaga, let me tell you, this little girl can bust a move.

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Wizard of Oz

So my sweet Daddy to me back to see The Wizard of Oz before the tour was over. I m so glad I decided to go see it, it was amazing! It's crazy to see how all the actors were so precise on how the acting was in the original movie. I didnt budge throught he entire play. My dad is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz so Im glad I got to see it will someone who understands my love for the movie!!! Chad just didnt get it, he said he doesn't even think he has ever watched it!!!

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June 14, 2009

what a great actor...

As we were riding to see the musical....
Me: Chad, show me how excited you are about seeing this musical?
yes he was fibbing, but I heard no complaints out of him the entire day (probably because we didnt have to stay for it all).

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The Wizard of Oz

Chloe loved this fountain, i think she threw about 87.00 worth of change in it! Her favorite part of the night :) Bold there's no place like home, there's no place like home... getting ready to eat her "Toto Hot Dog", we had "Were Not In Kansas Anymore Turkey Sandwiches." Our Playbill attached, two seconds later...destroyed

Custom made Dorothy outfit and Ruby Slippers.....$50.00

Three tickets to The Wizard of Oz summer musical tour....$300.00

Only able to see three minutes of it because our 15 month old throws a tantrum...PRICELESS.

She made an Adorable little Dorothy though.

Oh well....we will catch the tour again in a couple years!

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June 9, 2009

My Little Gymnast

What a night!!Chloe attended her first night of Gymnastics. Her class is a parent participation class so I had to sit in with her. Chloe was the youngest and the next oldest was probably two years old. I havent decided if i am going to take her back to class or not. She was so impatient and hated waiting in line for her turn, however she had a blast doing all the activities. I just hate giving up on it after one class. My other option would be to take her to "open gym" and let her run around and do whatever station she wants and not actually be in a class. I may do that for the next couple months. She looked like a little Carly Patterson, so cute!!!

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June 8, 2009

Happy 35th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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It's Tea-Time

Chloe and her two friends had a little Tea Party. Her two bunny rabbits joined her and must have mad her made because she kept changing their chairs, pointing saying no, and jabbering away.

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June 6, 2009

Funny girl...

Chloe being silly :)

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Promised Land

The sign that named the land :) Me, Chloe, and Mimi The entrance, this place is COVERED in trees
The view from the front
Chad trimming up some trees.
Friday we signed on the land, it's officially ours and I am stoked about moving out to the country. My parents, Bryan & Ashley, Brad, & us have been looking for a some acreage to buy for a while now. We found 14 acres on lakeview property and we have split it into 4 lots giving each of us 3.5 acres. Everyone was out working on it today, trimming trees and mowing. Chloe and I visited for about 30 minutes, long enough to bring them lunch and leave. I think this will be the 6th time I have moved since I was 20 so Im excited this will be the last!! The land is going to be gated as one property and we have been contimplating on a name for it. Chad wanted it to be called the J-Dub Estates (J-W, Jones -Welborn) but that didnt go over to well. Last week as they were exploring they found a huge iron sign that said "Promised Land" at the back of the land covered in grass, so we have now decided on that name. The Promised Land, I like it.

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June 5, 2009

Very Productive.

I can't believe it, Im running on 4 hours sleep and this is what I have done today...
Got up at 6 got ready for work, worked until 4 and had bootcamp until 5 (which i have serious calf cramps from, 18 classes down and 6 to go...for now). Came home, played, fed, bathed,rocked Chloe to sleep. Folded 4 loads of laundry, cleaned out 3 closets, vacuumed entire house and dusted....amd actually posted blogs!!!! and its 11:08 pm and Chad is still at work..ugh. Thank goodness for 5 hour energy drinks.

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Future Beethoven

My memaw gave Chloe a "baby" Baby Grand, hoping it will start a love for the piano. My memaw's dream was for one of her grandkids to have the passion for playing the piano like she does. My brother and I took lessons for several years but eventually got tired of it. I can play a little and Bryan can play by ear, which basically means anything he hears he can replay without reading the music, which is what my grandma does. Hopefully Chloe will pick up that talent if she decides to play. We'll see...personally I think she is amazing at the piano already.

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Baby Blues

This girl melts my heart!

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Just a post,just because I think it looks so good!

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Rainy Day Fun

Looking at the alligator. Chad had a tear in his eye thinking about his alligator Dude that died. A girl in Lubbock gave Dude liquor. RIP Dude. Checking out the ducks. Chloe wanted to climb in so bad!
Stopping by the souvenir shop.
Shark Tanks!
Eating afterwards,not to thrilled about Chad putting a lobster tail on her plate. YUCK.
We were supposed to be going to Mark Miller's 1st bday party but his little brother decided to make his way in to the world a few weeks early. Welcome to the world little Peyton. Instead of staying home and Chloe running around like crazy inside, we decided to fight the rain and take her to the The Dallas World Aquarium.. It was such a fun day and I can't believe I have never been there before. We all had a great time seeing all the animals and will probably be heading back soon.

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