March 19, 2013

Feeling pregnant

So today I am 32 weeks and 2 days. Today is really the first day that I am feeling pregnant. My back is hurting so bad and my leg, sleeping is starting to be a thing of the past! Last week I went in for a regular checkup and she wanted to do a quick ultrasound to see how Blakely was sitting since she couldn't get right on the heartbeat. She is breech and the doctor said that she has about 3 more week left to turn, then we will start talking options. One of them is ECV (External Cephalic Version) basically, IV meds are given and the baby is manually turned by a doctor. Uuuuummmmm I already you-tubed that, and no way will i do that procedure. So I googled other things that i can try at home. Cold packs where the head is, shining a light and the baby will follow it, chiropractic work (already do that), acupuncture, headstands (ha, for real though) Anyways, I'm just praying that she turns, so please pray with me :)

Trying to get her to move with frozen sweet potato fries

Also since I have hypothyroidism, at 32 weeks I have to start going in twice a week for Non stress tests and ultrasounds, so hopefully we will see her turn sooner than later.

Yes those are all appointments for the NST's

Also work was very generous in giving a diaper shower and I received tons! There are still more trickling in as of today :) Her closet id packed with clothes that were Chloe's too!
 We are finally starting to feel at home at the new house, things are coming together nicely, Chloe stays outside most of the day and is a big dirtball by night! Im ready to get the landscaping and sod plated so we have some grass!

(she learned to cross her eyes)