February 15, 2010

Our weekend Fun!

My cousin Bill, showing Chloe some dance moves.

Joey and Brad on the screened in porch getting warm by the fireplace Joey built

An intense match between Bryan and my cousin Chaz

Chad reading up on a Fitness magazine

Chloe busting out the worm


Lovebirds again. weirdos.

Chloe trying to leave with the paddles

This is the prize everyone wants to have and hold until the next weekend match....the ping pong championship necklace. That's right, made out of authentic speaker wire and electical tape, and the winning ping pong ball. Brad has been the keeper of it every weekend. He is very proud of it. (This was the next morning when he came to my house, he slept in it, and had it on all day..even when we went to eat.)

This is where we hang out if we go anywhere…The Cassady’s barn (it's there garage, that has been turned int o a little living quarters). Joey was our neighbor growing up in P-Town and we will soon be neighbors again. His house is right down the road from our land. Brad, Bryan and Joey have been best friends since they could walk and now Chad is part of their little friend circle. They do everything together from wakeboarding, hunting, and just hanging out. Joey is such a handyman and is always improving/fixing/or buying some new toy that everyone has fun with…. His latest purchase was a ping pong table. Chloe and I usually stay for awhile and then we get out, because we know it’s going to get loud and something crazy is going to go on. Always a GOOD TIME at The Cassady barn!


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Cindi said...

Lovin' that necklace!!!