February 15, 2010

CJ turns 4!~

Chloe and her BFF :)

Jackson and the dogs

Darth Vader!

Bounce house FUN!

Birthday Boy CJ!
And below:

Saturday we went to The Miller’s for CJ’s 4th birthday party. It was a Star Wars themed party and the decorations were so cute!!! Missy’s mother makes their cakes and they are always sooo YUMMY!!! There was a bounce house and also a piñata! CJ cracked me up when he was opening gifts, he thought every gift was the coolest thing ever! Chloe and Marky had a great time chatting and Peyton has to be the smiliest baby I have ever been around. I would bounce a balloon on his head and he would crack up, Im pretty sure he did this for about 15 minutes straight. Also Missy’s triplet nieces were there and they were adorable!!!! Three boys under the age of four....let me tell you, Missy has got it together, she is a super-mommy! Chloe had so much fun at his party, she was asleep 3 minutes after we left!  !

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