February 15, 2010


For Valentines and for our birthday coming up, Chad and I went out and purchased us a really nice camera that has been needed for a long time! We stayed home from church because Chloe is getting a runny nose. I didn't want to get her out in the wind, so we just went to the farm for a little bit and Bryan and Ashley came home with us and we watched Open Water 2 along with my parents. Chloe got lots of her favorite candy from her cousin Kyler, and her Gigi, Papa, Mimi, Pa, Memaw, Pa, Kim, Donna, Granny, Papa, uncle Bryan, aunt Ashley and her mommy and daddy showered her with PLENTY of Valentine goodies!

Ashley reading Chloe her card

Goodies from us

Chloe with her hair soaking wet and right out of the shower, dont worry it's a 1000 degrees in our house

Daddy and his Valentine :)

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