October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bradley!

My cousin Chaz and brothers Bryan & Brad Chad, Cousin Cole, Brad Brad, Me, Bryan being Goofballs Brad riding his Razor in the woods Brad racing...his favorite thing to do!
Happy 29th Birthday Bradley! Thank you so much for not only being such a great brother but also a best friend to me and also Chad. Chloe loves you to pieces and you have made such an impact on her little life already, seeing you with her is evident of how great of a daddy you will be one day. I love your randomness and goofiness! Your pranks are out of control, your riverdancing is unbelievable, you are by far the BEST George W Bush impersonator, and I will never believe another story you ever tell me..you definetly need to be on meds for fibbing!!! Your # 1 prank to this day is you disguising your voice and telling mom you had been kidnapped and to bring $10,000 to the Allen Walmart. OMG that was terrible. Poor mom running with a bag full of money, and you not able to get in contact with her, and Pepaw having to find mom to tell her it was you pulling the prank. I thought for sure you were going to be in trouble…but our sweet momma just hugged and kissed all over you as if you were really missing! Geez you always got out of trouble!!! As Bryan and I always say... you are the favorite kid...even though mom and dad correct us and just say "it just took us three tries to finally get the kid we wanted!!"hehe! You make a room smile when you are in it, your heart is as big as Texas, and everyone always wants to be around you! Im proud to say I'm your sister. I hope it’s the best birthday ever and I’m pretty sure this is the year Nascar is gonna be calling you!! Love you TONS!

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Missy Miller said...

that was so sweet, Clark and I got a huge kick out of the prank story!!!