October 9, 2009

Wendy's Bach Party

Wendy and her cake that was YUMMY! Eiffel Tower money tree, for her shopping spree in Italy!
What gives it away I decorated...hmmm ZEBRA & PINK...YAY!!!
awe my bestie :)
aww my Besties!!!!!!
So my bff Wendy got married today in the rain and leaves for her three week trip touring all over Europe!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! We had her bachlorette party last weekend and had a fun time catching up with all the girls! I left my house when I got Chloe to sleep and my mom watched her until I got home that night, so she didnt even know I slipped away! We had dinner at Lochrann's, headed over to Down Under, and they ended the night at Loft 610.

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Teri said...

Too cute! The Eiffel Tower money tree was a great idea!

Jeni said...

You're so good at decorating & coming up with adorbale ideas!! You look beautiful Hollie...I LOVE the hair! :) Miss you.