September 11, 2010

I love first grade!

My younger brother Brad, has such a sweet-hearted girlfriend, Amanda, who I love dearly. She is a first grade teacher in Frisco, and she asked for Chloe to come visit her classroom. I know one thing, she is definitely doing her calling. She is AMAZING, with her kids. Her room is so cute all decorated in lady bugs and bees. She has so many chants and cheers she does with her kids, it was so cool to see her interact with them. I can definitely say my elementary teachers were not like that, Amanda makes first grade AWESOME!
Chloe couldnt wait to get there, I dressed her in a ladybug outfit to match the room. She went to all the kids and asked "Hey, whats your name?" She had a great time, and is still talking about Amanda being a teacher!
Chloe and Miss Roof
Walking to Class
She packed her own backpack...12 pacifiers, blood pressure guage, doodle pad...everything a first grader needs i guess :)
Her own desk
Thought this class poll was funny!
this is where the kids sat "knee to knee and eye to eye", talking and talked about Chloe's day
She answered a question right and received a smelly on her hand
She got to point out the words with the pointer

Coloring johnny Appleseed
Giving miss Roof her present
Her award :)
her book the class made for her :)
Thanks Amanda for letting Chloe come visit! The kids were precious, and Im so proud of the everyday impact your making on those sweet little kiddos! Love you!



Jen said...

How cute! Looks like the class really loved having her there!

Missy Miller said...

How precious! She was the absolute center of attention!!!

first grade worksheets said...

would certainly like to visit amanda's nursery, but frankly speaking, i would love to go for a date with this sweet child, Chloe!! ha-hah..