August 27, 2010

New Best Friends..

Okay, if you do not like spiders, i will go ahead and tell you to not read this may fReAk OuT. Chloe LOVES spiders, and in our backyard we have had three move in and Chloe loves to go talk to them.
 THEY.ARE.HUGE!!! They are only garden spiders, so they are actually the good ones that eat mosquitos so i decided it was okay to just keep them .... especially since Chloe was now on a name-based relationship. So I thought I would introduce them to you....
Chloe telling Jason about her day.....
I know! Crazy huh? The names Jeff and Jason came from the twin boys from Caillou. Angie is from Shark Tales. My best friend Christy came over last weekend, and Chloe wanted to show her friends off. Well Christy had a full out panic attack and said she would not ever come over again unless they were gone. I cant do without Christy so we had to remove them :( RIP Jeff, Jason, and Angie, you will all be missed.

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