August 27, 2010


We went to celebrate a birthday at Chuck-e-cheese a had a fabulous time! I havent seen my friend Cricket in soooo long and i have missed her sooooo much! Cant wait to catch up with her again real soon! Im counting down the days!



Paige said...

Love the pic of Chloe on the horse! I have decided if I ever get asked to do a wedding I will see if you will be my second photographer. I already had a friend hint at it, I would be nervous, but I think we could pull it off!!!

Hollie Jones said...

The thing about weddings that would make me nervous is the actual ceremony seems like it would be hard to get good quality pictures and have to be so far away and not actually be disturbing the audience either. The pre and post wedding pictures would be a blast since there are so many creative and fun ways to capture those moments. Reception would be fun too! Ceremony though, makes my stomach nervous!!! I agree we could pull it off!