January 25, 2010

A New Look for the New Year

Finally I have a new look!
My character people were just not doing it anymore. My hair is dark now, Chloe's is blonde..plus I just wanted it to be more "real and not so "cartooney". My friend Erin said she would glam it up for me. Soooo. here it is, I love it, and I think it fits MUCH better!
Check out Erin's blog, she has a blog button on the sidebar. I dont think she has any set prices yet, but you should check her out if you are interested! She is very talented and creative, and you may find some great DIY tutorials while on her blog. While you are there check out her birthing story, it floors me everytime I read it. She gave birth to her son and it became a not so perfect birthing story resulting in a 14 day stay in the hospital for herself and having to be resuscitated 3 times. Her story definitely shows God's miracles being performed, the power of prayer, and her living to tell her testimony about it!



E. Williamson said...

You are too silly... I finally logged out of your blog and checked my comments... I hope that you like the final product... if not just email me and I'll be happy to change some things around.

E. Williamson said...

You are welcome!

Missy Miller said...

I love it!!!! BTW, Deuber is offering $500 off-I think until Valentines Day...