January 26, 2010

My TOUGH man!!

Chad has started back up a passion of his that he quit doing a couple of years ago…Jui-Jitsu. I bought him a year’s membership when we were living in Lubbock for his birthday but when he graduated and moved back he really didn’t find a academy that he really loved until now. He is training twice a week on Monday and Wednesday in Allen at Kilgore Academy. His trainer is a third degree black belt under Carlos Machado and he is an active Dallas police officer. Chad was belted up a couple weeks ago to a Blue Belt. It’s a little different at Kilgore Academy because the rank goes white belt, blue belt, and so on. At Pittman’s in Lubbock where he was a blue belt the rank went white, yellow, orange, green, blue, and so on. I’m not sure why they are different from each MMA academies.

Chloe and I went last week to watch him train, needless to say we left because Chloe wanted to attack Chad’s partner he was rolling with. ( I can definitely say that Chloe will not ever have a problem standing up for herself). Chad has been wanting to put her in Jui-Jitsu when she turns three. Honestly I did not have a problem with it. I plan on having her in everything that way she will know what she loves. That changed after my visit. There were three girls in the class and it is sooo not a girly sport. Needless to say I had a conversation with Chad last night and told him my fears of Chloe ending up loving Jui-jitsu and shaving the underneath of her hair so you can see it in a ponytail and rolling all over the ground punching people and breaking arms. He laughed and said that I was right and he would teach her how to protect herself and give her lessons at home.

One last thing~

Dear Lord,

Please do not have the women at Kilgore Academy read this blog, I know they would break my arms and legs.




E. Williamson said...

Hahaha... That is too funny. I totally agree though, shaving the hair and beating people up for fun... not girly at all.

Paige said...

HA! That's great! Good call on just teaching her some arm bars and nelsons at home.

Anonymous said...

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