November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Happy Birthday to the best Mom on the planet. No Joke. I’m thankful everyday that you are my momma, my best friend, Chad’s mom-in-law, and Chloe’s Mimi! We are so lucky to have you. You have to be the most understanding, kind, selfless person I know. I love how we talk at least 4 times a day on the phone, and how you have always been there for me no matter what. You are the rock in our family and always encourage us to keep going and give us the confidence we need. I’m so glad you keep Chloe for us, and we thank God for you every day. You never talk bad or judge anyone and are always so positive and you love people unconditionally, you are how people really should be. If I can be just ½ the mom you were to Bryan, Brad, and myself…I know that I will be an awesome mom! I strive everyday to be more like you…you are one of a kind.
Some of my favorite memories:
Watching "The Bachelor"every week over the phone with each other, while I was living in Lubbock
Stailey's Beauty Shop "the fall"
The stairs at Collin Creek Mall
Your reaction when I told you I was pregnant... CLASSIC, I will never forget that.
Our fun nights .... a rented movie, sonic ice, flannel pj's and rubbing our feet together.
shopping for my prom dresses & wedding dresses.
eating Tino's salsa and fajita nachos
my high school heartbreaks, and you telling me they are just sorry SOB's (hehe, okay maybe she talked bad about a couple people)
So many more to list....I could go on and on and on...
Im so happy you have given me so many great times, and I'm looking forward to be able to make such great memories with Chloe and for her to know that Im her #1 supporter like you were to me!!!

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Jen said...

That's so sweet! I love how you listed favorite memories. I also hope my daughter will grow up with some great memories of us together!

Jen said...

That is so sweet Hollie!! That's adorable that you watched the Bachelor over the phone together when you were at Tech.

Missy Miller said...

Great job putting your thoughts on paper (computer!) Hollie! These are great things for her to hear and even more wonderful that she can print this out and keep it forever! You are a wonderful person due in part from your mother :)

williamson family said...

What a wonderful Post! I love that you watched the Bachelor over the phone. How fun!