September 1, 2009

Where's Chloe??

Chloe’s new game is to hide from everyone like she is doing in the picture. It cracks her up to think that no one can see her. Also check out the Christmas headband she has on…. She wants to wear it with EVERYTHING! I need to find one of those button that says “I dressed myself today” . I also downloaded some new apps on my iphone. One turns everything black and white and you can pick what part of the picture you want to still have called ColorSplash. Another app I got is Photogene, it lets me crop and add images to it. Somehow I flipped her shirt around, you can tell the words are backwards.

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Teri said...

Thanks Hollie! I'm glad that someone besides my parents are enjoying it. I check y'alls blog several times a week too. Chloe is so cute!