August 31, 2009

Heard Museum

Chloe had a blast visiting the Heard Museam, I had never been either, and I thought it was pretty cool. It was a day of cheap fun. Chloe's favorite part was probably the snakes, sooo gross. She loves bugs of any kind. Her new word this weekend besides "poot" was "grasshopper" pronounced "hoppa", she chased that poor thing all over the backyard.
After looking at all the animals, we took the the BlueStem trail through the woods, but veered off on a gravel road that took us to the lake. Chad threatened to leave my jogging stroller in the forest, the trails are stair step for the entire 1.84 miles. He said we could just go get another on on the way home, but I made him push it back while I carried Chloe. We were give out by the time we got back at 10:30, Chloe fell asleep on the way home. After he woke up from her nap we waited for Chad to get home from work and we sat in the backyard for a good 2 hours enjoying the nice weather and having good conversation while Chloe swam in her pool. She ended up going to bed at 6:30 that night. I was going to clean the house but Chad insisted we watch a movie instead, he even turned the Cowboy game off! We decided on SlumDog Millionaire, everyone said it was a great movie, but Chad and I didn't like it very much, I could barely understand them through their heavy accent. All in all it was a great weekend!

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Cindi said...

Girl, I took a DOUBLE stroller on that Heard trail - What a beating!! Why didn't the guide tell me it wasn't stroller friendly? ugh, feel your pain.