August 7, 2009

15 Month Checkup

Finally made it in for Chloe’s 15 month checkup (even though she is almost 17 months). She weighs 28 lbs and is 32 inches long. She received the last of her HIB shot and I postponed her MMR shot. I have to get that before she starts school and I have to wait 2 years in between both doses. So I’m sure she will get that when she is three. Dr. Eley said everything else looks good, and that her ear infections were gone. I really believe the last ear infections were from drinking the bottle at night, so I decided to take her completely off the bottle. July 19th was the last day she had a bottle and she hasn’t missed it yet and she is sleeping through the night! Praise God! I really had no idea it would be that easy. She is fascinated with airplanes, loves hiding in the corner of my closet behind the clothes, sitting in the shower with the water on (anything with water really), and this really weird mask that Ben and Jeni got Chad from Mexico…that thing gives her belly laughs she loves it. She also loves to be scared, I know so weird, but she loves to be so scared so bad that she jumps and it startles her, and she likes going into dark rooms. I would think this scares most kids, but not her. I’m sure the Lord knew he was placing her with a family full of pranksters, so he just sent her to us already prepared for it all :)

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