July 31, 2009

Okay guys I’m going public with it. I’m on a mission to lose weight. My goal is 20lbs, but I would love to lose 30lbs. I will weigh in weekly, and let everyone know how much I have lost to keep myself accountable. I have always been a skinny-mini all my life never worked out and ate what I wanted, but the last five years it has changed! Luckily Chad is a health nut so I know he will help me keep on track :) My friend Lindy, is making a life style change too and I heard about sparkpeople.com through her. Basically it’s a website to track your meals and calories and also a place to go for support. I have signed up to have them send me healthy recipes daily , and they are YUMMY! Last night we had Chicken and Asparagus Pasta. I bought a huge wok and have been buying fresh chicken in it to cook, and I get all my veggies from my pepaw’s garden, throw it all together season it, and it turns out delicious. I have also taken the Crystal Light Challenge, and have been drinking my eight cups a day of water, I absolutely love the Pomegranite Lemonade flavor! Wish me luck and say a prayer for me! Any dieting tips are welcome!!!

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Jeni said...

I think you look absolutely beautiful! Teach me how to use the wok with chicken & veggies...sounds yummy!!!!

Anonymous said...

You totally can do it...you don't need to but you can!! GO SIS GO SIS!! Ashley W