July 8, 2009

Splishin and a Splashin

Chad and I decided to load up and go visit my brother and sister in law in Providence. I feel ashamed to say that I have been out there once since Chloe has been born. They are always coming in to us every weekend. It seems like such a long haul, but it’s really not. So they live in Providence and it is such a neat neighborhood. It reminds me of The Stepford Wives, all the lawns are perfectly manicured, and it’s nice and quiet after 9:00. Then here comes the Welborn’s to jack it all up J Let’s just say the police know them really well there… loud music and too much partying! When we got there Chloe was in amazement at their house. It actually looks like a wildlife zoo! Zebra (not fake zebra print, a real zebra that still has the tail and eyelashes, so sad), Cheetah, Deer, Duck… all kinds of poor animals plastered on the wall. I think she could have stayed in there and looked at it day long. We loaded up and headed to the water park. She had so much fun splashing around and she is quit the daredevil. She loved jumping off the side of the pool and playing in the fountains. We went to the sand pits too, but she absolutely hated it, the girl does not like anything to be touching her feet! After a long swim we headed to dinner at The Prairie House. She kept herself entertained by drawing pictures with the ranch dressing and ate a big dinner. She was out by the time we left the parking lot. Thanks Bryan and Ashley for having us out, Chloe loves you guys to pieces…. We will see you on Sunday for another swim!

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