July 9, 2009

Celebration Park :)

Chloe and I met Uncle Brad and Aunt Amanda at Celebration Park in Allen. Chloe loves the splash park there, but unfortunately the water was turned off for maintenace issues.. .boo. She had fun anyway running around the playground dragging Amanda everywhere. A little boy came up to us and saw my brother's hat that said Frisco Fire and asked him if he was a fireman. Brad told him yes and he freaked out, he said he wanted to be a fireman when he got older. He asked Brad for his phone number so he could come see his fire truck, Brad told him 911, and the little boy said he would be calling him soon, uh-oh. Amanda said he seemed like he was attention deprived by the way he was acting, he would not leave us alone (not that it was bothering us). Amanda is a teacher so Im sure she can spot that kind of stuff from a mile away. Speaking of Amanda, her and Brad are now roomies :) Im so glad that Brad found him a sweet girl like her. They make such a great couple. She is a teacher in Frisco and part time interior decorator :) hehe. I love when she emails me because she always ends her emails with making up names of what she is doing ... "Bored Betty, Hungry Helga, Laundry Lisa, Confused Cara...etc" She is such a goofball and I love it!! Im so excited for her to be my "sista from another mista" I wuv you Awanda.

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Jen said...

Our kids love that place! We always go when we're back in TX.

Cindi said...

first of all...that "baby" swing is huge! LOL
And it's wonderful to great sister in laws, I've got 2 that are so sweet..that makes me the mean one, lol.