August 29, 2011

Welcome Fairies!

Chloe loves Tinkerbell and she loves to play and tell stories to herself. They are so funny to listen to. Last night she wanted to build a fairy house like the one that Lizzy built in the movies. So I gave her some supplies and watched her build away. She had to have a dress like Lizzy and pigtails, while I had to play Father (her dad in the movie with a British accent i might add). We had such a fun time, I wouldn't trade these precious moments for ANYTHING!
 Taking her fairies for a swim
 She put this together all herself
 "Pixie Dust"

 I think we need a bigger pool
 Striking a pose
 She is telling her fairies "My name is Lizzy"
 Uh oh! looks like someone got Sprinkled with Pixie Dust!
Building a Bridge :)

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Jeni said...

Oh that pic of Chad cracks me up!!! I love this post, what a great imagination!