August 24, 2011

Some of my FAVORITE things :)

 I have no idea what i would do without ETSY, it's definitely my favorite place to shop! There's a gift for everyone and you can find ANYTHING! I love to "pounce", if you haven't tried that out..I recommend it!
 So this is the book I'm into right now, not many books grab my attention, but this one does. I have also been wanting to go to the movies by myself (just to see what its like) and i think this is the movie I will see :) I'm a weirdo, huh?
 My latest obsession! How cool is this??? If you dont have an account, I suggest one immediately!
 This is what i let my hair soak in once a week. It is supposed to make your hair grow, and im letting my grow! Also, my hair is soon to be back natural with the exception of a few highlights ;)
 This is my new eyeshadow palette, my favorite blog that i read Mama Laughlin turned me on to this stuff! A little pricey, but way worth it! And one of the funniest blogs i have ever read!
 So i have taken myself off of my Thyroid medications and have switched doctors to a smart medicine doctor instead of the one I have been going to for years. I have done so much research on the prescription that i have been on and I just didn't want it in my body anymore. So I switched to this :) My levels have never been better!!! Still have some work to do on it, but I'm certain adding some other vitamins to my daily regimen will get it going perfectly!
 Want to get your house clean, sparkly, and organized, follow The FlyLAdy! She will get your house in tip top shape :)
 Ahhh my Toms, so Ugly, but so loved...wanting to get some wedge ones soon :)
 Everyday I say "Miss Jones your hair appointment is ready" Chloe sits on the barstool and I put her cape around her and spray this stuff all over her hair....and she will let me brush her hair! Thank you Lord!

So we have been making smoothies like crazy, but our cheap blender from our wedding registry wasn't doing the trick and almost got slammed through the window several times (by Chad, not me). I got this bad boy and there's nothing it will not grind up! I made some AWESOME  pico de gallo in it last night too. YUMMY!

If you are a Craigslister, you can no longer go on with your Craigslisting with out this tool! Makes life SO SIMPLE! 

I cant even tell you how may refurbishes I have done with Krylon, and they now have Krylon Dual with built in primer. AMAZING. Here soon I will be showing some before and afters of my house... I have done some changing up over the summer and I will show you some of my awesome finds from craigslist and g-sale's!


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Mama Laughlin said...

Haha, so glad you like the Naked pallet.
And thanks for the shoutout!