May 8, 2011

Toy Story

Okay so post below about Sesame Street pretty much sucking for Chloe...well these tickets were already i figured it would be a looooong day.

I thought Chloe would think the dart train and it would be a blast to ride down to the American Airlines Center. So we hopped on the train. My thought was that everyone would be all happy and giggly families sporting their Woody and Buzz shirts. I was wrong. It looked like everyone was coming off their 24 hour crack binge. As soon as the train took off, I had a terrible feeling. I looked up and notice a man slyly putting his hands in his pockets four or fives times, without even looking down. Another man passed by and they exchanged whatever he had.That was all it took, for my anxiety to hit full throttle...

The next conversation went like this :
Me: Get off at the next stop.
Chad: what??
Me: Get off at the next stop.
Chad: rolling his eyes... ( he knows when i get freaked out), are you serious?
Me: {as the trains rolls to a stop} I'm getting off, you can stay ( im carrying Chloe as she was sleeping)

I'm not sure that i would have freaked out as much if i didn't have Chloe with me. I was so panicked that i was trying to find places to run on the train.

The dart rail is seriously crazy, i really don't recommend anyone riding it.While we were waiting for the opposite train to pick us up, a young man having an argument very loudly with himself decided to sit on our same bench (not to mention their are 40 other open ones and it is just us there.)

Chloe had woke up by then and said very loudly to the man "Who you talking to?" The guy then jumped up and was bouncing around and staring at the big digital clock and kept screaming it was late, while doing some dance that looked like the running man mixed in with the Dougie....really awkward. Funny thing was that 10 years ago I was a waitress in a restaurant in that same area. That guy would always come in and I would buy him a meal to eat and he would sit at the bar talking to himself eating... I cant believe i saw him.

We made it safely back to our car, got to the AAC, the show started and fireworks blasted, and Chloe was ready to leave, it was hurting her ears...

Chad and i decided no more shows for at least another 3 years :)

 Arriving at The Dart Rail.....
 Her Marilyn Monroe pose :)
 Buzz flying through the sky...


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