May 6, 2011

About time!!

Look who finally popped the question!!! I'm so excited to gain another sister who is so sweet and a blast to hang around! They are getting married 11-11-11 at 1899 farmhouse which is right behind our land that we all went in and bought together! It is absolutely beautiful! 
 Here is how he proposed (it was at the land):
He had candles all lit down a trail to a table that he set up himself with flowers, wine, and a wedding book...he wanted to ask her there since that is where their house will be built and all their memories made. How sweet is that????

So this is me and Ashley hiding out in the cedar trees watching...Brad told us not to come out there and watch!!! OOPS!!! It was all Ashley's idea!! (sorry i cant get the picture to turn around!)
And check out how Amanda asked us to be in the wedding :) Too cute!


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