October 9, 2010

Howdy folks....

and welcome to the State Fair of Texas

 Funny story on the above picture.. brad blacks out on rides, but he decided he would try this one. After the harness went on he freaked out and had to get out. Chad and Amanda are trying to talk him into staying. The teenage girls to the left are laughing at him too. Poor guy! Sooo FUNNY! 

 I love this oicture of my mom and dad! When my mom and dad were dating he used to always win her animals at the fairs and carnivals, she had tons! Then when my brothers and I were younger, i can remember him winning us all huge stuffed animals. I always felt so cool walking around with it! What great memories!
 Try # 2 on the rides.. should have known with it called "vertigo" Brad blacking out, and Amanda getting sick..
 Helping her get up
 Maybe they will stick to the people watching and food next year :)


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