April 9, 2010

Peter Cottontail

Easter Sunday was such a fun day. We loaded the car and headed to King’s Trail to hear a great sermon. Brad, Bryan, Ashley, Christy, and Chloe were all in tow. It was so crowded that there was standing room only. I waited for the singing to be over with and headed out to the nursery. Chloe did not want to stay at all, there were about 5 crying kids in there. So I sat in there with her and played. One kid has so much green snot coming out of his nose, I thought he was going to suffocate. I decided Chloe and I would just go to the car and watch DVD’s…. so that is how my Easter service went. We went back to the farm had an Easter egg hunt, and my parents gave Chloe a chick for Easter. Yes that’s right a real live chicken…sigh. I have been trying to give it away, but “chicky” is so attached to Malakai now, they have became best buds…

This Easter Sunday was extra special, I truly witnessed a miracle that week. April a friend of mine found her little boy in the bottom of a pool, they were given no hope for him to live. Fast forward a week later… he is playing and is back at school. This story has been such a testimony for so many people to witness. It is such a heartbreaking but miraculous story. I went to see April at Childrens’s Medical Center while her son was still there. I was an emotional wreck listening to her tell how the doctors told her there was no hope but she knew her God was going to heal Aiden and she was going to leave with him, no matter what the medical team said. I prayed so hard that week, along with thousands of others. We really serve an awesome God !!!!You can read more about Aiden and his fight to live here.


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