April 28, 2010

Hurry Up Bryley!

so little!
 Chloe giving Bryley a pep talk
 This is her nursery colors turqoise, black , and damask!... i cant wait to see the bedding after it is made!!!
 Sweet Alyssa, who came home with me after the shower! love that sweet girl!
 All the fun stuff!

This past weekend I hosted Ashley's first shower. It was such a huge success! Her and Bryley received so many fabulous things. I can't wait to see what Bryley looks like, I dont know if I can wait that much longer to hold my little neice. I lover her so much already! I can't wait to see Chloe and her cousin playing and having sleepovers togethers at her favorite aunt's house (that's me LOL), gymnastic classes, dressing alike, I could go on and on!! It's going to be so much FUN!



The "Dubs" said...

Seriously... could Ashley be any prettier! I just love her and I don't even know her :) haha...

I'm So excited for baby Bryley to get here too!!!!

Meet the Jone's said...

No she really couldn't, she is even beautiful withour make-up....makes me sick! Her personality is made of gold. SHe is hilarious and just so fun to be around. Bryan did GOOD! He is lucky to have fallen in love with a girl like her! They are a perfect match!