March 24, 2010

Playing at the Land!

We decided to hang out at the land today, Chloe loves playing and exploring outside. The neighbors always ask how Chloe is doing being cooped up for the winter. They always comment on how she is outside all the time.
 We are ready for some good spring weather to roll around, Chloe is ready to spend her days outside getting all the Vitamin D possible! Needless to say she had a blast at the land. We are so ready to move out there...
Brad's land....

Pepaw and Brad

Bryan's land

Mom and Dad's land (this is the back of their land and they are going to put a cabin here until everyone get's built, so we all have a rest areas while we are out their working)

Chloe with her "stick"

Mom and Dads' pond...need more RAIN

Chloe touchiung the yucky water

Water splashing on the lake shore

Cheetos time

Riding with Uncle Brad

Riding the trails

Our pond Chad dug last week..more rain please!

The view from our land

This is where the house will be

Chloe fishing

Reeling in a fish

This is the view of our goes from the tall tree on the left to the tall trees on the right

Brad Napping

Chloe napping in the hammock
Sweet girl!

Just relaxing!


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