February 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

I’m already missing Christmas again, so ready for it to be back. Chloe loved Christmas so much this year also! She knew that Santa would come down the chimney and eat cookies and drop off gifts. Funny thing is that her pronunciation of “Santa” comes out as “Satan”, so it was really weird hearing that word about a million times during the holiday. What is even worse is that she does not like to see him in person, so anytime we walked by him at the mall, she would be screaming “Nooooo Satan noooooo” and of course all the weird looks would come my way. We will be working on that word throughout the year.

Chloe was sick most of the month of December. She had a cold, then she had the croup, then a double ear infection. She was on Omnicef, Augmentin, then finally had to get two shots of Rotussin in her legs. Her two worst nights with fever were Christmas Eve and New Years Eve… go figure.

We started Christmas Eve at my parents house, it was already starting to sleet and we knew we had to get all the way out to the farm to start Christmas there. So we hurried. Chloe got so much stuff. Clothes galore, a tricycle, basketball goal, baby strollers and all the works. Bryan and Ashley got her clothes and a big easel. Brad and Amanda got her a CUTE Gap outfit with matching shoes, a Baby Alive, and a kids fireman outfit. This girl has her uncles wrapped around her little finger. We all headed out to The Farm to be with uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. My memaw got her The Christmas Story book, my memaw’s voice narrates the whole thing, it is so neat. I know there will be a Christmas Eve one day where I am letting my memaw read the story with her voice to my grandkids. Such a wonderful gift. We had a great time talking and laughing and playing our annual Christmas game of guessing the right number and opening a gift that my grandparents put under the tree. The Jones’ didn’t do too well this year, we didn’t ever guess the right number out of 50 gifts probably!! Last year we did pretty good, but ended up getting household items that we already had so we gave them to my cousin Cole who was just getting him an apartment. It is always so fun to play that game, and there is always one gift that everybody wants! The grandkids got my Memaw and Pepaw a picture of all of us together, they loved it!!!!

We left there and went home, Chloe fell asleep, and it was time for Santa to start putting everything together. Bryan and Ashley stayed with us since the roads were so bad and helped out. Mom and Dad were there too so they could help lug all the gift for Chloe back to our house. We were all up until about 2:30 putting things together! Chloe’s ears started hurting her around 3:00 and she didn’t go back to sleep until 6:00, it was a long night! Everyone but Chloe woke up around 8:00 and we started breakfast..eggs, gravy, sausage, biscuits, and hash browns. We were so excited and anxious we went and woke up Chloe. It took her a minute to catch on that Santa brought her all these gifts..she kept saying “Gosh…Awesome” over and over.

We relaxed for a while and went to Chad’s parents. It was just them and his brother’s family, everyone else was snowed in, so we went over there and exchanged gifts. Chloe was just not feeling it that day and didn’t want to open gifts so we waited until the next day for her to finish. She got so many toys clothes, and fun things to play with from her Gigi and Papa. And her Aunt Beth and Uncle Tommy got her foam alphabet mats to play with. I also got the cricut I had been wishing for and lots of cartridges to go with it! I can’t wait to start making fun things with it.

2009 was a great Christmas. It was filled with lots of family, happiness, and fun. It was a great Celebration of our Savior!


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