February 8, 2010

Bye Bye Staph!

About two weeks ago Chloe had MRSA staph infection. It was a terrible thing to go through, it was so painful for her and she couldn’t sit in a high chair or car seat. She was a tough little trooper and 10 days of antibiotics cleared her up! Just thought I would add some pictures of her at her follow up appointment! She loves Dr. Eley…and so do I!!! I’m just praying now that she doesn’t catch anything in that office, there were a lot of coughing kids in there today!



Jen said...

We LOVE Dr. Eley too! Chole is such a trooper-what a tough illness to go through!

Stacy said...

Can't believe she wasn't crying with the doctors and nurse. Aubrey starts crying as soon as the nurse says hello.

The Harbaugh Family said...

She is so cute!!