October 5, 2009

Old Time Saturday

Chloe and Presley after the parade..
Look at those baby blues!!! Dasha's twin nephews, Chloe , and Presley!
So I met my friend Dasha and her daughter Presley at Old Time Saturday in Farmersville. It’s an all day thing with a parade, vendor booths, bounce houses, and a dance at night J Chloe loved the fire trucks and police cars and all the horses in the parade she waved at EVERY one that went by. I would have taken pics of the actual parade, but anyone that knows Farmersville and Princeton , all it is is trailers with about 10 streamers hanging from them, definitely no Macy’s day parade!!!! Oh well, got us out of the house for a little bit!

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Missy Miller said...

Looks like you had a great time and good to get out of the house!