October 5, 2009

18 Month Check Up

We had Chloe’s 18 month check up last week. She is weighing in at 29 lbs 7.5 oz. and it 34 inches long. She is still in the 95% in her height and weight. She got 2 shots and a finger prick. They put a band-aid on her middle finger from the prick and she was shooting the bird the entire visit. Chad thought it was hilarious. Needless to say she thinks band-aids are way cool on her finger, she had to show everyone! Dr. Eley was very impressed with her vocabulary and said that she was way advanced and can talk very clearly for her age(not that it matters). She is putting 3 words together now and can point out and say almost every animal in her books. Every day she amazes me on what she picks up from us. This morning she was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready and said “heavy towel” as she was handing a towel to me! So random since I never taught her what a towel was! I told Chad he has to be very careful on game days when football games are on, and he needs to use his “dammit doll” if he feels like he needs to vent! I also asked the doctor if she was concerned with her weight since everywhere we go , someone always talks about how chunky she is, (more so for Chad to be relieved not me, I know she is just fine, but he thinks she needs to get on the treadmill) Dr. Eley said she is perfectly healthy and to keep shoveling in the food, especially since she is not picky and loves to eat. She said that for how active she is, she needs to eat, this was on lap 72 Chloe was doing around the tiny room. She is also adjusting well to her fruit now, I thought it was giving her diaper rashes but I now have narrowed it down to the Capri Sun they give them in the church nursery. I don’t give her juice, just water and milk so it makes more since now . I’m so happy because she LOVES fruit! Plus Dr. Eley said that it’s great not to give juice anyway since it is just empty calories, especially if she would rather have water. The best part of the visit was that her ears looked PERFECT, and the tubes were still in place. I am pretty sure this is the first time that she has been without something starting to brew in her ears. THANK YOU GOD! My baby is no longer a baby anymore !

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Stacy said...

Tell Chad not to worry about Chloe's weight! She is as cute as she could be! My cousin Brad, Dwennell's son, had the chubbiest kids I have EVER seen in my entire life, and neither one of them are overweight now. She's perfect! Enjoy those sweet cupcakes before she grows out of them!