August 24, 2009

We found a home!!!

Below pic is Emmalee Welborn being dedicated she was adopted by my cousins a couple months ago :)
Church home that is. We have been on the look for a awhile for something that has our beliefs and makes us feel comfortable, little did we know that we would find it in the little town of Merit, Texas! Higher Trails Cowboy Church is such an amazing place with some of the friendliest people I have ever met. It’s a “come as you are” church, very relaxed and the the preacher Randy Bird is on fire for God. His messages make you feel like he is talking straight to you. The band is amazing it’s the best country Christian/gospel/hymnal music ever. Seriously. The church is full of so many activities and I know Chloe will love growing up there. The church started out under a tent with 7 people and has grown to about 800. Services are now held in a building that was built but is still being worked on by the congregation to finish it on Monday and Tuesday nights…Chad is going to make his way out there to paint cabinets this week, hopefully. Chloe loves the nursery but this past week I helped in it, since she didn’t want me to leave her. So I will be in the nursery until she feels more comfortable. This past week were baptisms and dedications, you could just feel the holy spirit in the house. The baptisms took place in a horse troff, that’s right, a horse troff (I’m not even sure how to spell troff). I’m pretty sure if there would have been a river behind the church, it would have been done Jesus style, in the river !! I can honestly say Chad and I look forward to our Sundays going to church.

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Jeni said...

How awesome Hollie! We need to come visit!

williamson family said...

That's wonderful Hollie! I like the Church, it's super cute and it sounds like an amazing place to raise Chloe! YAY!!!!

Stacy said...

That's so great! Our church family is really a second family to us. I am so glad yall found a home!