June 6, 2009

Promised Land

The sign that named the land :) Me, Chloe, and Mimi The entrance, this place is COVERED in trees
The view from the front
Chad trimming up some trees.
Friday we signed on the land, it's officially ours and I am stoked about moving out to the country. My parents, Bryan & Ashley, Brad, & us have been looking for a some acreage to buy for a while now. We found 14 acres on lakeview property and we have split it into 4 lots giving each of us 3.5 acres. Everyone was out working on it today, trimming trees and mowing. Chloe and I visited for about 30 minutes, long enough to bring them lunch and leave. I think this will be the 6th time I have moved since I was 20 so Im excited this will be the last!! The land is going to be gated as one property and we have been contimplating on a name for it. Chad wanted it to be called the J-Dub Estates (J-W, Jones -Welborn) but that didnt go over to well. Last week as they were exploring they found a huge iron sign that said "Promised Land" at the back of the land covered in grass, so we have now decided on that name. The Promised Land, I like it.

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Jeni said...

I LOVE it!!! Gives me chills. I'm so excited for you guys....its going to be beautiful.