May 6, 2009

Year Old Shots

Chloe had her shots today, she did way better than I thought she would. I was a little aggrevated in the waiting room at a lady that was in there. Chloe was in a wonderful mood smiling and giggling and a lady and her daughter walked in, she immediately started waving at them, the little girl kinda smiled and the mom just sat down. Chloe got out of my lap and walked up to the lady (the waiting room is small so she was only about four steps away from me) and started swinging her arms back and forth giggling and waving at the lady once again. The lady gave her a stare down that no one should ever give a immediatly my blood was boiling and I talked to Chloe in a nice voice and said "YUCKY LADY,MEAN LADY". I was actually proud of myself for only saying that. FYI.. I have also prayed for that lady, i should never judge anyone because I dont know what her life is like, or what she faces every day for her to have to be in a terrible mood, hopefully she was just having an off day. I know I was wrong. I couldn't help it at the time though. I was telling Chad what happened and he started laughing, he says he can see my momma in me everyday (if any of you know my momma, that is a HUGE compliment). Bryan, Brad , and myself could go to her for any reason and she would be our biggest supporter. Chad was sitting in the living room tonight while I was playing with Chloe and he just looked at me with the sweetest face and said "you are such a wonderful mom". Made my night :) Anyways back to Chloe's shots, for being such a tuff baby we went to Toys R Us and she picked out a Water & Sand table, Pink Car that zooms off when you shake it, Elmo DVD, new swimsuit (for Jackson bday) and some flip flops (that are too small).

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Cindi said...

Hilarious you told Chloe "yucky lady"...she could have at least smiled. Maybe I'll pray for her too.

Stacy said...

That makes me so mad when people do that to my kids too! Some people are just grouchy! We were in Wal-Mart one day and there was this older couple behind us and Alyssa was smiling and waving and they wouldn't give her the time of day....she said momma why aren't they saying hi to me, and I told her that some people are just mean. Maybe I need prayer for getting so worked up :)