April 22, 2009

Rough Week Again...

So Chloe once again has ANOTHER sore throat and ear infection, this makes two ear infections since her tubes in December. Which Im not complaining because I feel fortunate that the tubes are working correctly and draining so it causes no pain for her, but it is just irritating that she is now on two more antibiotics and she just finished a round last week. Im also on my second Z-Pac in a week because my throat is killing me again also. We are making an appointment with the ENT to see what are next options are. , several docs said it may have to do with her tonsils and adnoids so we will see. I must say she is a trooper. On a good note.... Chloe is finally on a schedule, yes after 13 months, I have had a week and a half of sleeping all through the night without having to feed Chloe! So exciting! I have to be really strict on my outings and work with her to stick to nap time schedules ( Im not one who can let her "cry it out", so that is why it has taken us so long to get it down) One hour difference can totally mess it up. We were at the doctor last night and we didn't get home until 7, she didnt go to sleep until 11:00 last night, that one hour totally messed her up. Jeni always told me how crazy she is about Jackson's schedule and I see why now, I had to kick my mom and dad out the other day at 6:15 so I could wind her down, and poor Aunt Ashley and Bryan wanted to see Chloe so bad after that got back from Mexico but it was getting late and I made them wait until she was asleep. They understand though which is great. She is usually in bed by 7:30-8 and I usually wake her on weekdays about 7 and she sleeps until 8-8:30 on weekends. Life is good actually getting 6 hours of full sleep for myself!!!

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Cindi said...

Sleep is wonderful!
The book I relied on was "Healthy sleep habits, happy child". In fact, I need to reread it :)
And yes there is a way to be notified about comments - it's under "settings", then go to "comments" and it gives you options.

Hope ya'll get well!